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Waiting for the Bus

  • When waiting for the bus, STAND AT THE NEAREST BUS STOP SIGN.
  • Make sure that the bus driver can see you so you are not passed by. ALWAYS SIGNAL THE DRIVER THAT YOU WISH TO RIDE THE BUS.
  • All Tar River Transit buses are wheelchair accessible.

Boarding the Bus

  • Please have your exact fare, token, or Ten-Punch ticket ready before boarding the bus. Bus drivers carry no money and cannot make change.
  • Half Fare riders please have your identification card ready to show the driver. If you do not show your card, you will be required to pay the full fare.
  • If you need a transfer, ask the driver when you pay your fare. AFTER YOU LEAVE THE DRIVERS’ AREA, NO TRANSFER WILL BE ISSUED.

Riding the Bus

  • After paying your fare, move to the rear of the bus. Please make front seats available for elderly or disabled passengers.
  • Please take your seat as quickly as possible. This allows the driver to start moving and helps the driver maintain the schedule. When walking on a bus, hold on to the grab rails or seat backs. DO NOT MOVE AROUND ON A MOVING BUS. Wait until the bus has stopped to get out of your seat.
  • No Food or Drink
    • Please, for the comfort of other passengers, no eating, drinking, smoking, or radios without earphones on the bus. Please use care and courtesy when carrying items such as umbrellas, groceries, etc.
  • Help keep your buses clean by keeping your feet off the seats and taking all trash with you.
  • If you find an item on the bus, please give it to the driver. All items left on the bus are turned in at the end of the day. If you leave an item on the bus, please call 972-1174.
  • Please do not engage the driver in conversation. His or her job requires that he or she concentrate fully on driving the bus; he or she may be distracted by talking. Passengers will be removed from the bus for failure to follow the rules.

Exiting the Bus

  • Give the driver adequate notice that you want to exit the bus. Pull the bell cord at least one block before you want to get off.
  • Use the rear exit door. This allows boarding passengers to use the front door, and the bus can maintain its schedule easier.
  • After you exit DO NOT CROSS THE STREET IN FRONT OF THE BUS. Stand away from the bus and wait until it has left before attempting to cross the street.
No Food or Drink Signs

Dispute with a driver?

Please pay the fare, then call:

TDD 1-800-735-2692. 

We will resolve the problem!